New Year’s Resolutions

Each New Year brings the promise of growth through new directions, perspectives,
adventures and lessons. Most of us are great at making long lists of New Year’s
resolutions, but the truth is, we are even better at breaking them shortly after. Why
do we then fail to stick with our resolutions? Well, the simple truth is that we come
up against old, hard to break habits. The longer explanation rests in the fact that we
don’t set clear and specific goals, lack accountability and we also anticipate failure
because let’s be realistic, this is not the first time we have set certain goals.

The problem is that it’s not as simple as just picking a health resolution and
achieving it. For example, this year many will list losing weight as their number
one goal. As most of us know, losing weight is not an easy process. It involves
changing our eating habits, exercise patterns, sleep hygiene, and resolving any
other underlying health conditions among many other things. That simple health
resolution actually encompasses a whole lifestyle change that requires support in
order to be achieved.

Without the proper support, is it then really a surprise as to why most of us don’t
follow through on the goals we set for ourselves? Who doesn’t get overwhelmed by
dramatic, large changes that specifically involve our comfort zone? This is where
naturopathic medicine can help achieve these goals by supporting you through
small and gradual yet sustainable adjustments. A naturopathic doctor can act as
your health coach, providing you with the support to not only set realistic goals but
to also put together programs for you to achieve those health resolutions. He or she
can also assist in removing any health obstacles that may impede you from reaching
your goals as well as help keep you accountable, ensuring that you are making
steady and healthy progress.

Lastly but most importantly, be gentle with yourself and forgiving if you don’t
succeed at first. Breaking old habits can be fairly difficult so rather than trying to
revamp your life in a 360-degree move, try making smaller changes instead. Every
step in the right direction is just that, a step in the right direction because after all,
Rome wasn’t built in one day.