Colleen Tuplin, RMT

Clinic Owner

After sustaining a head injury in a car accident and exhausting various medical treatments for resulting headaches, Colleen was introduced to Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy provided immediate relief from pain and improved her quality of life. She decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy to help alleviate pain and discomfort that others may be experiencing.

Internationally trained therapist with over 20 years of experience, Colleen Tuplin offers massage and healing therapies for seniors in the greater Toronto area. Founder of For Your Health, Colleen is committed to the power of touch that brings comfort and alleviates the aches and pains of aging.

Focused primarily on older adult and geriatric clients, Colleen travels to wherever she is needed – whether at home, hospital, or long-term care facilities. She offers sessions in palliative care where the family can also become part of the process.  Colleen brings her undivided attention (and by request, her lap-dog Niles) to every session, with massage techniques informed by 20 years of hands-on experience and her training and travels in Canada, Thailand, India, and the U.S.

Tiffany Malwatta

CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Recreational Therapist

Tiffany MalwattaHer journey began with a love for sports at a young age and continued to grow until her varsity years. Her interest for sports conditioning, and desire to understand the intricate functions of the human body led Tiffany to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer.

While working in the fitness industry, Tiffany was exposed to a wide range of training methods and individuals with diverse training needs.

It was there where she developed her personal philosophy: exercise has tremendous benefits to offer, but in order for them to be to fully procured, exercise needs to be tailored to the client’s needs, wants, and preferences.

Wanting to further develop her knowledge base and understanding, Tiffany pursued and acquired an Honours Degree in Recreational Therapy.

Her mission is to combine her passion for fitness, client centred approach, and her love for all things recreation and outdoors, to help her clients achieve their own unique fitness goals.

Karen Seymour

Massage Therapist

Karen is a graduate of the reputable Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic. Karen offers her clients focused care. She listens to her clients needs to provide an attentive and effective massage to compliment their health goals. Her massages can be restorative and relaxing while focusing on addressing acute or chronic muscle tension.

Karen has studied geriatric and palliative massage with Christine Sutherland. During her training, there was a strong focus on the benefits of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems of the body.  Techniques are modified for at home or in institutions, in bed or wheelchair.

Karen employs a variety of massage therapy techniques to help relieve pain, stiffness and tension, promote relaxation, as well as, rehabilitate and maintain her clients physical function. Karen’s experience allows her to stabilize acute injuries, manage chronic ailments and facilitate the healing process. She often helps to facilitate the physical changes that can develop during the aging process. She is committed to remaining current in her practice through continuing education and adopting new techniques.

Natasha Morley-Lissoos

B.A Kin, R.Ac, CST

Natasha started her journey as a Kinesiologist acquiring her Bachelors of Kinesiology at York University. Her interest in the body called her to study CranioSacral Therapy and graduate with a diploma in Acupuncture, (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She is currently studying Chinese Herbal Medicine to become a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

She is passionate about using Chinese medicine and Craniosacral Therapy to integrate the body, mind and emotions as a whole in the healing process.

Natasha worked for many years in a rehab clinic setting as a kinesiologist. She now combines her anatomy and clinical skills to blend them all together. Natasha has worked in the Acupuncture clinic as both student and teacher and now works in a private practice. She enjoys, and is often amazed at how significant Acupuncture treatments can be, by treating the underlying causes of a disease or injury, often the results are remarkable.

Natasha offers many workshops including Craniosacral therapy – Down The Dura, Acupressure for Family, Friends and Pets, and Vibrant Health – Every Day, from her Art of Being Well series.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge and educating others into the powers of the inner healing system within each of us. She also teaches business and practice management.